Monday, April 03, 2006

Preach it Josh

Yesterday I hear my 4 yr old and my hubby talking in the other room. Here's how the conversation went...

Hubby ~ "Josh why do I get so upset and frustrated about stuff? I'm sorry Daddy got so upset a little bit ago."

Josh 4 yrs ~ "Daddy, all you have to do is pray like this... Jesus please take away all the stress and the frustrators in my life."

Hubby ~ "Josh, you know, you're right! Daddy just needs to lean on Jesus more." Then says a prayer that I couldn't hear much of and hugged Josh.

It was so cute to know that my 4 yr old was witnessing to my husband and showing wisdom beyond his years!! Sometimes our kids are the ones who make such an impact in our lives and they don't even know it : )


Julie said...

I need Jesus to take away all my "frustrators" for sure. He is too cute. Wisdom beyond their years huh.

Tina said...

...and the little children shall lead them... :)

GiBee said...

Awwweee!!! How adorable!

Addie said...

Sweet boy! You're so right that God uses them to teach us so much!

When my oldest was 3 1/2 and I was pretty frustrated trying to get out the door and find lost shoes. She suggested praying for me too. VERY CONVICTING! I was humbled.