Monday, April 17, 2006

Josh's first eye exam

On Saturday we went to Sam's club and they happened to be doing free eye exams. We decided that Josh should get his eyes checked. Here's what happened next...

Eye tech ~ "Does he know his ABC's?"

Jeff ~ "Sure, he knows them all."

Eye tech ~ "Great, Josh look in and read what you see on line 5."

Josh ~ looks in the machine and starts singing "A B C D E F G..."

Eye tech ~ finally catches her breathe from laughing so hard and says "let's try one more time. Look at the line that starts with B and tell me what other letters you see."

Josh ~ "I'm going to need to think about this one."

Finally deciding it wasn't going to work they said thanks and entered him in the Easter basket drawing anyway. I think we'll wait a little longer before we try that again : )
By the way, he won the Easter Basket!!

One more quick thing about Sam's Club... We bought a digital camera there in November and love it. Recently something happened and the lens wouldn't work right. Unfortunately we couldn't find our receipt to send it to Kodak and have it fixed. We went in and asked if they could print us a new receipt. The manager was so nice and exchanged our camera with a brand new one!! We will be going back there for sure!!


Tina said...

That is such a cute story! I can just hear him now...

I am sure they eye doctor is going to be telling that one for awhile! ;)

Tina said...

He won the Easter basket?
Who does he take after?
That is CRAZY that he won it!

GiBee said...

Oh, that's adorable!

A,b,c,d,e,f,g ...

Addie said...

How cute is that? And Tina's right, you've passed on some freakishly luck genes to your boy!

I'll post an update, but to answer your question in my comments. Yes, the man came at 8AM SHARP! And they gave us a 30% discount to boot. So I didn't string him up by his shoelaces. :)

BTW - I've tagged you on my blog...Go check out my Super Freak post. :P