Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A fun meme...

Here's a fun little game, courtesy of Lauren and then Julie. It works like this: Julie assigned me a letter (T), and I have to list ten things that start with T, and why I chose them. If you want to play, email me and I'll assign you a letter, etc. etc. Got it? Good.

Ten Significant Words that Start With the Letter T...

1. Thomas: My last name... I remember when I first started dating Jeff, I would practice writing my name as if I were already married. Doodling here and there and knowing that someday it would be real.

2. Trice: My Grandma's name is Latrice but my Grandpa calls her Trice. I remember hearing him call her that since I was a little girl. I love my Grandma very much!!

3. Tina: My sister-n-law and one of the best friends I have ever had. We grew up together so it wasn't hard to connect at all when we married brothers. I love her and her family bunches!!

4. Thoughtfulness: I try to put this into almost everything I do. When I give someone a gift or when I do something for someone... I really try to make it so special for them.

5. Try: I usually don't give up easily. I try and try until I get it right.

6. Thankful: I try to be thankful for the things God has given me.

7. Telephone: I couldn't go a day without this.

8. Time: I often feel I could use so much more of this. I think I just need to learn how to use my time better.

9. Trust: I think this is the key to any relashionship or friendship!

10. Time-out: I use this word a couple times a day with my kids and often wish I could just take a time-out!!

Now I tag my Mom and Sherry : )


Tina said...

What a fun list Stacey!

I count you as one of my best friends also! And you are always so thoughtful.
And the long as you can keep it from "low battery" (or no battery) you should be okay! :)

Mark said...

Only a couple times a day, that's pretty good.

Mark said...

By the way, looks like you should tag Suzie and Sherry more often. Their last post was on your last meme tag...

Julie said...

Could you even write "Stacey Thomas" when you met Jeff. I mean, you were what, 5???? :-)

Stacey said...

I didn't start doodling it when I met him... I said when we started dating, you nut!!