Tuesday, May 16, 2006

ABC Meme

Accent: Nope

Bible Book that I like: Ruth ~ reading it again and really enjoying it.

Chore that I don’t care for:
Cleaning bathrooms, especially living with little boys!

Dog or Cat:
We have a dog named Sassy

Essential Electronics:
Cell phone and computer

Favorite Cologne:
My son is allergic to most colognes so I use mostly body sprays

Gold or Silver: Silver most of the time

Handbag I Carry most often:
The one that matches my outfit

Not usually, I'm a pretty heavy sleeper.

Job Title:
Day care provider, Avon rep and so much more!!

2 boys for now, probably more to come : )

Living Arrangements:
4 bedroom home in nice neighborhood

Most Admirable Trait: Not sure what to say on this one

Naughtiest childhood behavior: Making my sister do things and then not saying anything when she got in trouble

Overnight hospital stay:
Two labor and delivery stays

Phobias: Snakes, spiders, cramped spaces and large crowds

Can't really think of anything other than "Don't go dyin' on me!"

Nope, just a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Siblings: My sister Sherry and my sister-n-law Tina

Time I wake up: Usually around 6

Unusual Talent or skill:
Touching my tongue to my nose

Vegetable I refuse to eat:
It's probably better to say what I will eat... carrots, corn, celery and green beans.

Worst habit:
Being late almost everywhere I go!!

When I broke my foot

Yummy stuff I cook: I love to bake, cook and grill. Can't think of anything special just now : )

Zoo animal I like most:
I love those crazy monkeys and have always wanted one.

Almost forgot, I need to tag someone. I think I'm going to tag Tina, Sherry and my Mom.


Tina said...

Most admirable trait: You are a very giving person. You make people feel special to know you thought of them.

I am one of those people...thanks! :)

Shalee said...

I love this meme that is going around... I am learning so much about my new friends!

I'm laughing at your veggie response... you sound like my sister in law.

Thanks for sharing these things with us.

HolyMama! said...

i am so surprised by how many of y'all like monkeys. they weird me out!

(about nursing, and being all serious about it? a group of women in my city were going to get organized and go nurse in the mall to 'raise awareness.' ACK!!)

Aunt Julie said...

I love it...
I'd forgotten about the "tongue/nose" :-)
I'm so glad you guys are all blogging so i can stay up on you and your kids.... did I just say that... Think about it... You guys "were" the kids in my past...
VHBC...I'm so glad for the friendship you and Tina have.
Good thing being married to brothers!!

Lauren said...

Young lady, we're gonna have to have a serious talk about this vegetable situation!

Yea, monkeys!

Stacey said...

Okay People, I know I don't eat enough veggies!! It's just that most of them taste like dirt!!