Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom

Mom, I hope you have a wonderful day!!
You deserve the very best.
I wish I could be with you and celebrate all day, can't wait to take you out tonight!!
I love you so much.
Thank you for all you do!!

Sherry (sister), Seth, Stacey (me), Susie (mom) and Joshua.


Addie said...

It's a bit hard to tell that you three are related. ;-) Sweet picture. I hope your mom has a great b-day!

GiBee said...

your mom doesn't look like she's old enough to be your mom!!! happy Birthday to her!!!

Susie said...

I love the comments! I had you when I was...10, right? Right! Thanks for the B-day greeting, Stacey. How 'bout a bambi kiss for old time sake? Sniff, sniff. Okay, just teach the boys!
Love ya and thanks for making my day (life) special!

theresa said...

Can't believe how much ya'll look alike, no mail man jokes going on here! And, if you hadn't of told me which one was your mom I would of guessed you were all sisters!

Happy Birthday Susie! Hope you have a blessed day!

Aunt Julie said...

I'm with Teresa. Although I personally know and knew which one was mom... but then daughters don't always like hearing they can't tell them apart - since mom is SOOOOOOOOOO much older hahahah- Susie will love that one.
I miss you girlfriend...
Hope your day was special and that your dinner was a great time together!!!
Man are those boys ever growing.