Friday, May 26, 2006

This is an award winning blog

Okay everyone, Lauren over at Created for His Glory has given me an award. Check it out on the sidebar of my blog. I left a funny comment on one of her posts and she really appreciated it. Everyone go over and check her out. She's super funny and always makes me laugh!

Thanks again Lauren, I really appreciate it!!


Addie said...

Congrats Stacey! I LOVED your comment! :D

theresa said...

Congrats to you! I've never one a award for blogging before...:(

You are pretty special and you deserve it!

Tina said...


That was a funny comment you made on her post...if I had been drinking something it would have come out my nose! :)

I always look forward to your comments on my blog!

Congrats on the award...thanks for the laughs! :)

Lauren said...

You deserved it!! Here's a thought, keep being funny 'cause no one has ever won this award for two consecutive weeks. You could be the first. (yes I'm aware that it hasn't been around for two weeks yet. what does that have to do with anything?)