Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tough times...

Two new van tires ~ $200

One new car key ~ $135

One broken radiator ~ $200

Knowing we're in God's Hands ~ Priceless

It all started a few weeks ago when we got a nail in one of our van tires. We then found out we had to have two new tires put on. A couple days later the van was shaking so I took it back in. Someone had filled it up to 65 pounds and the highest it should be is 35 pounds. Not what I wanted to hear!

Monday morning my husband went to get in his car and couln't find his car key. We still haven't found it!! I guess I should tell you that it's one of those special keys that has the chip in it and that's the only one that will start the car. Anyway, hubby and father-n-law had to tow it to the dealership this afternoon. They were able to make us a new key.

Then I get a call that he's on his way home and I'm thinking "okay, we're getting back on track." Next thing I know, he calls and says the car has broken down and he needs me to come help him. Turns out it's the radiator and we're going to have to replace it.

At first I just got really frustrated but then I remembered what our Pastor and my Dad always say "If you feel like the evil one is attacking get ready because God is about to do something big!" Just pray for us!! I know God has a plan and it's all in His Hands!!


Tina said...

I am so impressed with how you are handling all this that is coming at you!

I am praying for you...hang in there!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Your Dad is a very wise man! I love that expression!


Susie said...

In the near future, we'll probably hear about an awesome thing God has done in your life. I love it when he surprises us with his love and provision.

Don't let the evil one discourage you! You have the right attitude!
Love ya!!

Aunt Julie said...

It'll be exciting to see the outcome!!!
I'm in full agreement with your dad & pastor!!!!

theresa said...

What a smart Daddy! You're in our prayers.

Mark said...

I know how you feel - I hate it when the murphy's try to move in. Nails in the tires are usually the way it starts for us too. I think we're up to 9 in the past 2 years! Praying for you guys. Glad I don't have the chip in my key or we'd be broke - I have to borrow Julie's spare key to my car on a regular basis - I recently found a set of keys I'd been missing since September...

Mark said...

Was reading in James tonite and thought I'd encourage you too. 1:1-4, 12

GiBee said...

I know what you mean! God will bless you for your faithfulness!

And, I love the quote you put at the top of this post. Priceless.