Wednesday, May 10, 2006

We've got the Blues

Yep, this is my son, Seth. He's a character for sure. This morning I heard my oldest son say "Oh Seth, is that blue paint?" Of course it was. Luckily it was just craft paint and there will be no evidence of it after this bath!! I can't understnad how he actually got it open, it still had the manufacturers seal on it. Thank goodness we have tile in our house... It cleaned right up!!


Addie said...

Thank goodness it cleaned up so easily. And look at how cute he is. Now that will be a sweet memory. (I love it when sweet memories and painless clean-up collide!)

Stephanie said...

Oh Boy - you've got your hands full!

Tina said...

sarah just saw the picture and she said...Uh-Oh and then smiled a big smile! :)

Just wait until they are together! :)

theresa said...

I just want to know, if he got that much on his much did he actually eat? I guess you'll know after breakfast tomorrow! LOL!

Julie(the aunt:-) said...

Hey! Is he related to Kaleb?
Got to love 'em!!!
That'll be a great one for the High School graduation shots :-)
Is this the same kid that some HOW?got the lid off the RED - VERY RED paint in your living room?

Stacey said...

Addie - I'm sure glad it cleaned up easily, too. What a mess though!

Stephanie - You can say that again!

Tina - Yeah, I think blue could look good on Sarah : )

Theresa - I'm not sure how much of it actually went down, we may bever know!

Aunt Julie - Actually Josh spilled the paint in the living room. Can you imagine if they got together with paint though??