Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Works for me Wednesday

Okay, Here's a picture from my laundry room. I've hung a peg board up so I can easily hang things I use on a weekly basis. It keeps them off the floor and where the kids can't reach them.

I guess it looks a little cluttered right now but you get the idea : )

Please note: The laundry room is the only one not painted yet so don't look too closely. I've got a really pretty blue paint with a cute luandry border.
Hopefully I'll get it up soon!!


Shalee said...

LOL... Just like a woman to worry about the "unpaintedness" of the laundry room! We are so weird sometimes.

I really like this idea. Now if only I could get a laundry room rather than a laudry closet...

Susie said...

The peg board is a great idea. The laundry room needs a little blue paint...let Seth loose, he's got the right idea and color! Better yet, add a peg for him and hang him up where he can't get into a mess! I love that little guy!

Nettie said...

I love hanging stuff up. It makes keeping things neat so much easier!

GiBee said...

My laundry room is blue with a laundry border too! It's a perriwinkle blue with an adorable border... You'll have to share pictures when you're done with it!