Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Son, The Smooth Talker

Okay this story took place a couple months ago but I just got to thinking about it and thought I would share. Now I know some of you have already heard it but for those of you who haven't, here ya go...

We sitting at a resaraunt eating dinner with my parents. Josh (4 yrs) aks if he can go play the claw machine. You know the one, they put them in every store and eating establishment to suck the money right out of you. Every child thinks he or she will be the big winner of a stuffed animal. Like we don't have enough stuffed animals around the house already??

Anyway,back to the story...
Josh : "Can I go play the claw machine, Mom?"
Me : "No honey, our dinner will be out soon."
Josh : "God!"
(This word has never been used by any of us in this way ever in our house!!)
Me: "What did you just say?"
Josh : "God... I was praying... to God... uumm... a prayer."
Me : "Well then, let's hear this prayer."
Josh : "Dear God, thank you for giving me great parents. Thanks that we could come here and eat dinner. Lord can you please make my Mom let me play the claw machine?"

Wow, how did he pull that out of his hat?? We had a nice long talk about that word and the only way it should ever be used. I think he got the point but I knew right then and there that I'm in big trouble when he's a teenager!!


Nancy said...

yeah, I have to agree, you're in big trouble. that's one smart little guy.

So, I have to ask, did God make you let him play the claw machine?

Tina said...

That story makes me laugh every time! It reminds me of things my kids might say! :) They must be related.