Monday, March 13, 2006

Loosing my mind and everything else!!

I've had this problem since I was a young girl... Yes, I loose things!! It's so frustrating and embarrassing. I most often loose my cell phone, keys, shoes, socks and purse. Luckily I've never lost my husband or kids. That would be really bad!!

So if anyone has any ideas of how I can keep from loosing everything I would really appreciate it!!

Oh yeah, has anyone seen my wallet?? Just kidding : )


Addie said...

Oh, I do this too! About a month ago, I couldn't find my cell phone. It'd been a week and it still hadn't turned up. One day my friend called and asked me if I was looking for my phone. Apparently she had called it and someone at Target answered and asked her to please let me know they had it!

I've also left my wallet at Aldi a couple of months ago and right now I can't find my debit card. That's been gone for like a month.

Yeah, I totally get what you're talking about!

HolyMama! said...

i have a seth, AND i lose things, too!

I'm no hope. in fact i posted on lost shoes, today, myself. I'll check back here to see if someone gives you some good tips i can use, too!

theresa said...

S, you knew I was coming. Here is some tips from the ole' anal one herself.

Find a "home" for all your important things, i.e. cell, keys, wallet, etc.

For example, hang a hook next to the garage door where your keys will always be hung. As soon as you come in from the garage hang them up. When it's time to leave the house you grab them when you walk out the door.

I also put things in the EXACT same spot everytime. I know, I know, I'm ill. But, it works trust me. My wallet always goes in the inside pocket of the diaper bag. My cell always goes in one of the bottle pockets on the side. Catch my drift?

Now, I still get a little confused when I switch from my diaper bag to my purse and then back again but for the most part having the same location for items will help.

Sizzle said...

all day yesterday i was convinced i had lost my mind. at the barely ripe old age of 33 (5 weeks away) i seem to not be able to keep track of anything.

:) sizzle

GiBee said...

Yup... what Theresa said.

And also ... they should invent a little tiny chip-thingy that has GPS and you can attach it with some sticky stuff to whatever you want to keep track of... wallet, cell phone, keys, child, husband... well, maybe not humans, but then you could do one of two things... clap -- and if it doesn't beep within hearing distance, then it's lost, and you go to your computer or car and look up it's position on the GPS software.

It could work!

I'd want to install one on my kid once he's walking!