Wednesday, March 08, 2006

1 Doctor Visit, 4 Kids & $60 For Nothing!!

Yesterday Seth came in the office with blood and stuff all around his ear and on his finger. I thought his ear drum must have ruptured or something. I called the doctor and they said I should bring him in just in case but I had to be there in 30 minutes. So I get all the shoes on, hair done and kids in the car. We get there 5 minutes late but they're willing to still see us. The doc checks the ears and says yes there is blood down in his ear but but it's not anything to worry about. While I was glad he didn't have anything serious I was upset that we did all of that for nothing!

Plus, we had to pay $60 out of pocket because our doc no longer takes our insurance. It's time to find a new doctor!!

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Anonymous said...

She for got to mention that she had her sister who is in a wheel chair ride over to her house to bring a car seat. It was pretty funny looking and as I ( Yes I would be the sister) went past a woman and her child on the way she looked at me a little strange. Later on in the day I thought about it and she was looking probable to see if I had a child in there while I was going along with it. ( She couldnt see the front of it just the back) Thank you Jesus for moterized wheel chairs.