Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thirteen Things about Stacey

This week I want to talk about thirteen things I'd like to see happen for other people in my life...

1. I'd like to send my Mom and Dad to Hawaii someday. My Mom was born there & has always dreamed about taking my Dad.

2. I'd like to take my husband to Chicago. He lived there for 3 years and would love to go and show me around.

3. I'd like to pay for my sister~n~law to get braces. I think it would really boost her self confidence.

4. I wish there was a way to make my sister better. I'd love to see her walk again soon.

5. I'd love to take my Grandma to Italy. She's always wanted to go.

6. I'd love to get my friend Julie on the Today Show for just one interview.

7. I'd like to take my family on a wonderful vacation every year.

8. I'd love to help my Dad start his own business where he can build things. He's made, benches, swings, chairs and more. It would be great to see others enjoy his work.

9. I'd like to see my mother~n~law be free from cancer.

10. I'd like to see my Grandpa get well.

11. I'd like to see my friend Tracy get pregnant with her second child and not be so worried anymore.

12. I'd love to see my husband in a job he really loves.

13. I'd like to know that my cousin, Danah, never has to go back to fight in the war.

I know this isn't the typical Thursday Thirteen but I didn't want to talk about me today : )

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Tina said...

You are so sweet! Always thinking of others! Thanks! :)

Jane said...

This list IS about you, it shows what a wonderful person you must be. You have wonderful wishes and hopes for those you love.

Thanks for visiting me today, I hope you will come back.