Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Let's talk laundry

Okay, I know every mom and wife out there has laundry stories to tell. In fact, people are talking about it on blogs like here, here and here. Some blogs are even having contests in laundry rooms like here. So I've come up with some fun questions that will tell me a little about you. Please answer in the comments section...

1. How often do you do laundry?

2. Do you use liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets?

3. Do you seperate whites, darks, towels and jeans?

4. Do your kids help with the laundry?

5. Do you fold or hang most of your clothes?

6. Do you have a great laundry story you can share??

Here are my answers...
1. 1 or 2 loads a day

2. Both

3. Seperate them all. My Mom taught me never to mix them up

4. Once in a while but they're still a little young

5. Hang most everything

6. I once washed my paycheck and had to have it sent to me again. The worst is when hubby leaves chapstick or gum in his pockets... yuck!!


Addie said...

1. 3-4 loads every other day.

2. I would love to use liquid softner, but my husband skin is more sensitive to the liquid, so I use sheets.

3. Whites-cold, Whites-hot, Dark -cold, Dark-hot, white towels, dark towels. jeans go in the Dark-cold pile. :-)

4. I try, but I'm so anal. I'm working on it though. :P

5. Fold most things

6. Last year, we were in between houses and staying at my moms. My 2 year old had put some crayons in her pocket. They melted in the dryer and half the load was ruined. It took alot of elbow grease to clean out the inside.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

O.K....here's the deal...I come to my laptop to AVOID the laundry!

Guilt aside...I love it!

:0) Diane

Tina said...

1. 1 or 2 loads a day!

2.I use dryer sheets when I can remember to put them in.

3.Seperate? What is that? :)
Really, I try to, but sometimes it is just easier not to worry about it!

4. My kids love to help, but I am not always eager for their help. :(

5. Fold most things.

6. Easter last year one of my son's left the water running in the bathroom (on purpose!) and flooded it. Water went through to the kitchen, etc. I had a red rug to wash because of that...I also washed my daughter's yellow Easter dress at the same time...needless to say it turned an odd shade of peach! OOPS!

Jodi said...

1) I don't know how many i do, I try to cram loads in while i am home. So sometimes it is like 1 a day and other like3 or 4. :)

2) Dryer sheets. :)they take out the static.

3)Seperate laundry, isn't it all dirty? :) I do seperate my towels from the rest of my laudry, but all other clothes, they pretty much get thrown in together.

4)I wish my kids would help me with my launndry, but they just don't listen!!AGHHHHHHHHH,(Don't have kids :(

5)Half and Half. With my husband and I having to wear nice, buisness clothes for work, I hang and all of those and fold our normal clothes.

6)Any great laundry stories. I do have one. My husband likes to leave brand new gel green or blue ink pens in his Khaki pants when they get washed. The rule is he has to clean out his pockets. Well, he forgot a blue one and i did not catch it before it went into the dryer and so, well there was blue ink, LOTS of blue ink all over a bunch of clothes and some new clothes of mine at that. Even though I have tried to hairspray most of the ink out, ink pretty much has covered the article of clothing, it still has not worked. there is to much ink. But I did get to go by more new clothes. :) Oh well. Did you know if you use Aerosal cans of hairspay it takes the ink out, unless clothes are covered in ink. :0)

Stacey said...

Thanks for sharing all these fun laundry stories ladies... I enjoyed reading them!! Glad to see Tina and Jodi joining us today. Hope you'll keep coming back!

Julie said...

1. Once a week - about 7-8 loads worth. I'll ocassionally do one load mid week of jeans
2. Dryer sheets
3. Yes on separating
4. Natalie loves to help. I drop the wet clothes on the dryer door, she pushes them in. Or she hands me the dry things to fold one at a time
5. Fold/hang about half and half
6. My DH is always leaving chapstick in his pockets. I've ruined about 6 pairs of pants and a dozen or shirts this way.