Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Running in church

I guess my son, Josh 4yrs old, made a guest appearance in the church service on Saturday night. He went to get a pen to take some notes and on the way back stomped through the back of the church. I guess he was making such a scene that Pastor Greg stopped preaching and asked "You okay now Josh?" Then went back into the message. I'm so glad it was my husband in there with him instead of me.

We did make him appologize after the service. Our Pastor then told him that it was fine becuase our church is a place where kids can run and have fun.

I'm sure this is not going to be the last time I'm embarrassed by something my kids do but for now it's enough!!


Julie said...

It's a good thing you were not in there. I can only imagine how many shades of red you would have turned.

theresa said...

LOL! Aren't kids great...sounds like something Victoria would do ha! ha!

BTW - Awwww, love the header! Looking good!

Addie said...

Ha ha! What a great story! Little boys crack me up!

We had some friends over and all they have are boys and one of their kids decided to jump from the landing of the stairs. It didn't bother me in the slightest, but I was surprised. Our girls (as extremely active as they are) would just never think of it. I love hearing stories of little boys, they are such amazing little creatures to me.

Tell you what, I'll read your blog to see how inquisitive boys are and you can read my blog to see how dramatic, bossy and manipulative girls are! ;-)